About us

Our Story

The Top Bridge Brazil is a company whose goal is to offer food safety and hygiene. Our difference is the work of highly personalized, guided by the continuous search for excellence.

We have trained teachers and professionals in classification, vegetable product inspection, shipment tracking and landings, and training courses.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based Total Quality.
We challenge you to satisfy our customers with high standard of competence and reliability in order to become preferred partners.

Company Mission

Building work processes to collaborate with the quality of food through a well-sized, high information technology and modern teaching techniques, to provide various market segments and efficient integrated information with theoretical background and practical difference in our competitive the market.

Company Vision

Form an entity highlighted as a national and international, facing issues related to food safety through inspections, surveys in loads of food products, courses updated on vegetable quality, with high quality content and applicability in the routine of working professionals in the areas focused on quality Control, Plant Classification and monitoring of departures and arrivals of food.